Piano Teaching

Tim Grant-Jones has spent over thirty years developing his piano teaching to beginners and advanced, young and old. Many of his pupils have gone on to study music and make a career in the music profession.

Every person has musical ability and can learn to play the piano. Tim adapts his material to suit the specific needs of each individual person.


Children and adults remember what they play through visual recognition of what their fingers do, which develops into remembering the sound of the music, which in turn develops into finger muscular familiarity. Tim knows how to get his pupils to reach the final stage and they in turn play with remarkable security and pleasure.

To many parents, teachers and pianists, playing the piano is associated with learning to read music, playing old pieces, regurgitating scales and arpeggios, the odd bit of sight-reading, a bit of aural and an exam once a year. All these are useful but ...

What about improvising over a 12-bar blues sequence, composing a character piece, arranging a song, playing in an ensemble? All these are just as useful, more fun and make all-round musicians. Pupils who do all these activities usually get higher marks in their grade exams.

Lessons are at his home in the Bedford area. He teaches on a Yamaha C7 grand piano. This is a wonderful concert grand in a purpose-built sound-proof music studio.

Pupil Concert

Tim organises an annual concert for his pupils. The concert gives Tim's students the opportunity to play to an audience, even if it is just one piece, when they may not have the chance at school or elsewhere.The 2014 concert, held at King’s House, Bedford, attracted an audience of nearly 200 friends and family—the youngest performer was 5, the oldest 65.