Singing Teaching

Irene at the piano

Irene Grant-Jones is not only an experienced singer with a great voice, but has a unique singing teaching ability. She knows exactly what is going on inside any pupil's voice or breathing mechanism at any time.

For a person to discover what their voice can sound like takes time and dedication as it does with any instrument. Irene is an expert on the technical side. She will train any person of any age to get the voice and breathing working correctly and find that ultimate sound quality. She will get you to produce the best sound with the least amount of effort.

Irene is also an expert on the artistic side. She will teach you to communicate your singing with real understanding of the style and text and how to create the vocal colours and sounds required. With an honours degree in drama, she is well equipped to make pupils look good on the stage.

Click here to listen to Irene giving a singing lesson (YouTube)

Irene with a pupil

Songs could be in many different languages. Irene is at home in English, French, Italian, German, Welsh and Latin.

Irene will help you with classical singing as well as songs from musicals, popular and show songs. She will prepare you for auditions, festivals, recitals, exams or just singing at home to your friends.


If you want to sing, you already have the instrument. Irene can help you achieve this.

To help practise songs at home, she produces the accompaniments on CD. (Well actually, her husband, Tim, does.)