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Tim Grant-Jones (pianist & organist)
Irene Grant-Jones (soprano soloist)

Soprano soloist Irene Grant-Jones welcomes the opportunity to sing at your wedding service or ceremony. Irene will transform your service or ceremony with her beautiful voice and unique singing of any music of your choice or music recommended by her, making your wedding an even more memorable occasion for you and your guests.

Our services


Irene and Tim are experts in playing and singing all the music required for your wedding service or ceremony.

We are also experts in helping you to choose all the music for your wedding service or ceremony.

We also provide incidental music at wedding receptions.

For prices, please contact us by email or phone 01234 853399 landline or phone 0775 163 1946 mobile.

Choosing the music for service or ceremony - consultation service

The music is the part of your wedding service or ceremony that will remain in peoples' memories; the choice of music as well as the quality of the playing and singing.

Many couples are unsure what music to choose, especially for a church service which may have certain traditions. So, we offer a consultation service to help couples create their unique musical experience. We will demonstrate all the music we and you suggest, whatever style, and will give you a CD recording of the suggestions for you to take away.

Some couples already have a good idea of the music they want and we can advise how to accommodate it all into a service or ceremony.

Your Wedding Service or Ceremony & Reception – what we can offer


We can provide all the music you need:

- Before the service; Entrance of the bride; Hymns or choruses;
- Accompanying any soloists; Wedding march
- Solo Soprano
- Solo song as part of the service or ceremony
- Solo song during the signing of the register
- Piano playing for any part of a ceremony - we bring a high quality digital piano to any venue
- Piano accompanying for any soloist

You can choose any or all of these options

Churches generally have their own organist. Some church organists may not have the time or resources to learn to play some of the music you have chosen. It is important you have the music you want and that it is played well.

We can provide piano music (and singing) as background to your wedding reception. We bring our own high quality digital piano if there isn't a piano at the venue. We play (and sing) popular classics, light jazz, music from shows and easy listening popular music. Your guests could be invited to request their own favourite piece of music to be played or sung during the reception.

Choice of music for the service - brief guide

There are lots of suitable pieces for the entrance of the bride. Tim knows all the popular ones. You don't have to have 'Here comes the Bride'!

There are so many hymns and choruses. Choose ones that your guests will know and ones that have a bright and uplifting tune. We know all the ideal ones. Tim is particularly renowned for his 'last verses'. You would normally have 2 or 3 hymns or choruses. You may like a soprano to sing a solo in place of one of the hymns. This could be a hymn or a religious song. Irene has many suggestions to choose from.

You may like a soprano to sing a solo during the signing of the register. This is a part of the service that doesn't involve most of the congregation so it is an ideal opportunity to give them something to really remember your occasion by. Irene has sung many different songs at weddings but is always willing to find new ones. There usually isn't a dry eye in the church after her contribution.

There are lots of suitable pieces for the Wedding march at the end. Tim knows all the popular ones. You don't have to have the traditional one.