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Girl Playing Beginner Piano

Pianos for sale or hire

We have a selection of pianos in stock and we can also search for a piano to suit your requirements. Contact us for more information.

Unless indicated, all pianos are:

  • Overstrung* with Under damper action **

  • At Concert Pitch***

  • In excellent condition ready to be played

  • Acoustic, not digital or electronic

  • Available to purchase or rent or rent/purchase

Buying a piano

Prices for pianos include delivery to within a 15 mile radius of MK42 (Bedford area) A small surcharge applies to delivery further afield. If you would like to view and play these pianos, please contact me here

Renting a piano

Why rent? You could probably buy an old used piano for a few hundred pounds. Then add the cost of removal and any tuning and repairs. The piano may live up to your expectations once you or your child starts playing it, but the chances are that you could find yourselves wanting to upgrade to a better instrument quite soon. It could be under in pitch (below ‘concert pitch’) which means playing other instruments with the piano would be very awkward. This makes learning to play quite frustrating too as music cannot be expressed as well. 

It is far better to learn on a nice sounding instrument from the start and one that works perfectly every time without quickly losing its tuning and requiring zero maintenance (other than the annual tuning).

Rental terms are 6 months in advance renewable every 6 months. If you decide you don’t want the piano after 6 months, I can take it away at no further expense to you. If you do want to keep the piano, the first 12 months rent goes towards the purchase costing you no more than if you had bought the piano from the start.

* Overstrung pianos are superior to straight strung pianos because the bass and tenor strings take the diagonal across the frame. Their extra length gives a better sound. These strings cross over in front of the higher sounding strings

** Under damper action (dampers below the hammers) is superior to over damper action (dampers above the hammers). The two types of actions work in entirely different. The Under damper action enables a more prompt damping of the notes once the keys have returned.

*** Concert pitch is the recognised pitch level worldwide for all instruments to be tuned to. The strings on a piano are under a huge amount of tension permanently. A piano that is not tuned or serviced regularly will gradually drop in pitch as the strings stretch and are not re-tensioned by being tuned. Once the pitch drops, it can take a few years to bring the pitch back up but in many cases, it is impossible to do without damage to the strings and other parts of the piano. It is much better to start playing on a piano that is at concert pitch.

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