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Singing Lessons

with Irene Grant-Jones

Are you looking for an experienced and highly skilled singing teacher?​

  • You can develop your voice and sound beyond your expectations.

  • You will increase your stage confidence.

  • You can prepare for a performance at a music festival or grade exams or just sing for pleasure.

  • Sing music from whatever style you like.

  • Work on songs in English, French, German, Italian, Latin and Welsh.


Irene knows exactly what is going on inside any pupil's voice or breathing mechanism at any time.


For a person to discover what their voice can sound like takes time and dedication as it does with any instrument. Irene is an expert on the technical side. She will train any person of any age to get the voice and breathing working correctly and find that ultimate sound quality. She will get you to produce the best sound with the least amount of effort.


Irene is also an expert on the artistic side. She will teach you to communicate your singing with real understanding of the style and text and how to create the vocal colours and sounds required.


She will inspire confidence in even the most

shy pupil to gain a real sense of confidence and presence on the stage.


Irene is a popular adjudicator for the British and International Federation of Festivals for Music, Dance and Speech of which Her Majesty the Queen is Patron. She gives masterclasses and demonstrations in front of large audiences to help performers instantly realise improvements to their own performances.

If you want to sing properly, you already have the instrument! Irene can help you achieve this.

To help practise songs at home, she produces the accompaniments on CD. (Well actually, her husband Tim does)

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